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for silver:

Del Conte
Opera Argenti

For Bomboniere

Le Briciole
Giorni Lieti

Bowls handmade silver, candy made with silk envelope containing sugared almonds, finished with satin ribbons and butterfly-shaped pendant with natural horn.Investments in Amalfi paper, sealing wax seal with initials. Favors made with glass or Plexiglas boxes containing sweets and finished with satin ribbons and other decorations refined.Jars with silver succulent plants.Initial handwritten with pen and ink on holdings of valuable paper.Silver tray. Favors made with linen bags, organza and silk containing sugared almonds and finished with satin ribbons and stylish décor.Equity, book signatures, wax seals and sealing wax sticks. Candle holders and silver shell.Silver frames, leather photo album, bowls, silver wedding favors.Silver frame , leather album , candle holders silver and shells.Bowl and vase in silver. Favor: silk bag containing sugared almonds tied with satin ribbons and shell finished in silver.