For jewellery:

Joy Bijoux
Romantico Bijoux
Stefania Di Pardo

Necklace in coral and freshwater pearls.Necklace of freshwater pearls with cameo and silver earrings with freshwater pearls and shells, silver tray.Album papier-mâché, lapis lazuli necklace, earrings plexiglass and silver, and lapis lazuli earrings made of horn.Necklace chalcedony, aquamarine and coral.Necklace and bracelets made of horn, terracotta vase hand painted.Bracelet and earrings in coral, freshwater pearls, pyrite and silver with rose gold plating.Labradorite bracelet, onyx and silver with rose gold plating.Necklace onyx and natural horn.Chain with pendant with 18 carat gold plating and semi precious stones, bracelets with charms with 18 carat gold plating.Ceramic vase handmade, necklaces and pendants necklace with semiprecious stones and silver.N11 ceramic vase hand painted, necklaces and earrings chalcedony, aquamarine, coral and silver with gold plating.Chain with pendant 18 kt gold-plated, bracelet with charms and semi-precious stones.